Le Pailly, France

On September 9, 1909, at Gray, France, Our Lady appeared with a pearl heart-shaped rosary on Her breast to Fr. Pere Lamy. Up above the rosary, there was a little open wound in the region of the Heart. From this opening rushed a red flame and a green flame which rose and fell as Our Mother breathed. Fr. Pere was led to understand that prayer in unison with the Blessed Virgin has great power over the Heart of God.

Also during the same apparition Our Lady said: "When you meditate on the Passion, I give almost as much as to the saints in Heaven." Fr. Pere himself was immersed in perpetual recitation of the rosary. Fr. Pere relates that the recitation of the Holy Rosary is what knocks Lucifer flat - and Lucifer is the sworn enemy of the rosary.

Our Blessed Mother urged prayer when She appeared in 1909 at Gray and when She predicted the outbreak of WWI. Fr. Pere preached this warning and urged prayer and conversion, but no one listened to him. Our Lady said: "I hear the lowly and trusting prayer of the little one."


On September 9, 1909 Our Blessed Mother asked for penance, for conversion, return to God, and for holiness in family life. She asked us to give up disorder and go back to orderly lives and then all will be restored. "God does not demand more for forgiveness."


Although the report is brief, Our Blessed Mother did specifically condemn modernism during the apparition at Gray on September 9, 1909. (NOTE: Our Holy Popes have also condemned modernism and have spelled out this pernicious threat in greater detail)

Prophesies/Warnings of Chastisement

Our Blessed Mother foretold WWI & WWII. She warned that these wars would occur unless people did penence, converted and returned to God, and placed holiness in family life. Fr. Pere faithfully preached the message, but he complained no one would listen. Instead the people complained because his homilies always included this warning and plea to follow Our lady's request. Only after the war started did poeple say "If we only known."

Our Lady requested that Fr. Pere establish the Shrine of Our lady of the Woodlands. This was done.

Healing Reported

Fr. Pere himself was cured of painful eczema by Our Lady. He was also cured of badly disfugured feet by Our Lady. More than 2,500 miraculous cures are recorded in the Golden Book at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Woodlands. Some people used the water, others the statue of Our Lady or made novenas to Our Lady. One report of January 16, 1924, lists an interseting case of a girl aged 18 - 19. She drank of the water and asked that her front teeth be given to her. She had lost them all. Her front teeth began to grow back and later she asked for her bottom teeth, which also grew back.

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