Palazzi Pontifici - II

The Apostolic Palace - 60K

The Apostolic Palace : Center view - 351K

The Apostolic Palace : Left view - 290K

The Apostolic Palace : Right view - 292K

Another view of the Apostolic Palace - 52K

The Apostolic Palace - Small image - 42K

Sala Regia, decorated by Giorgio Vasari - 99K

Another view of Sala Regia - 256K

Sala Regia - Small image - 17K

Scala Regia, connecting to San Pietro - 72K

Another view of Scala Regia - 222K

Another view of Scala Regia - Small image - 28K

Entrance to Scala Regia - 138K

Entrance to Scala Regia - Small image - 12K

The Bronze Door - 215K

The Bronze Door - Small image - 24K

Porta Pia today and a study by Michelangelo - 13K

The Chapel of Nicholas V - 75K

The Chapel of Nicholas V : Left view of the ceiling - 287K

The Chapel of Nicholas V : Right view of the ceiling - 323K

The Chapel of Nicholas V : Pope Nicholas V - 277K

The Chapel of Nicholas V : Scenes from the life of Nicholas V- 334K

The Chapel of Nicholas V : View of the wall - 263K

The Chapel of Nicholas V : The entrance - 286K

The Swiss Guard - 69K

Michelangelo's drawing for Julius II's tomb in St. Peter's - 11K

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