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The Liturgy of Jerusalem according to Egeria (IV cent.)
(especially during Holy Week)


  * Main
  * Introduction
  * Topography
  * Quarry
  * Temple
  * Garden
  * Byzantines
  * Glory
  * 614-1009
  * 1009-1099
  * Crusaders
  * Decadence
  * Christians
  * Turks
  * Anew
  * Restoration
  * Franciscans
  * The door
  * Sunday Vigil
  * Egeria
  * Liturgy
  * Constantine

  * Italiano
  * Français
  * Português,
  * Español

The Daily Offices
  * 1. Matins
  * 2. Sext and None.
  * 3. Vespers.
The Sunday Offices
  * The Services
  * Morning Services.
  * Lent

Lent Services
  * On Sundays
  * Weekday Services
  * Wednesday and Friday
  * Saturday

Today's Franciscan Cloister

Today's Franciscan Cloister was the seat of the
Bishop of Jerusalem in Egeria's times

Holy Week and the Festivals of Easter
  * Saturday before Palm Sunday - Station at Bethany
  * Palm Sunday: Services in the Churches.
  * Procession with Palms on the Mount of Olives.
  * Monday in Holy Week
  * Tuesday in Holy Week
  * Wednesday in Holy Week.
  * Maundy Thursday: Mass celebrated twice
  * Night Station on the Mount of Olives.
  * Stations at Gethsemane.
  * Good Friday: Service at Daybreak.
  * The Column of the Flagellation
  * Veneration of the Cross.
  * Station before the Cross. The Three Hours.
  * Evening Offices
  * Vigil of Easter
  * Services in the Easter Octave
  * Vesper Station at Sion on Easter Sunday
  * Sunday after Easter
Today's Iconastasis

Today's Iconastasis of the Greek Orthodox Katholicon
medium sized image (54k)
a large image (158k) - another large image (220k)
left view (246k) - right view (237k)


© Text prepared by John Abela ofm based on articles and research by Virgilio Corbo ofm, Michele Piccirillo ofm and Eugenio Alliata ofm
Hi-Res pictures prepared by Michael Olteanu - Other pictures prepared by John Abela ofm and Michael Olteanu
B&W pictures courtesy of SBF-Jerusalem Archives - A joint project betweeen the Franciscans and Christusrex

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