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The Site of the Resurrection


  * Main
  * Introduction
  * Topography
  * Quarry
  * Temple
  * Garden
  * Byzantines
  * Glory
  * 614-1009
  * 1009-1099
  * Crusaders
  * Decadence
  * Christians
  * Turks
  * Anew
  * Restoration
  * Franciscans
  * The door
  * Sunday Vigil
  * Egeria
  * Liturgy
  * Constantine

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  * Français
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Christ opened his arms on the Cross
to embrace the whole World,
because Golgotha stood at the centre of the World"
- (St. Cyril of Jerusalem)

Today the Site of the Holy Sepulchre of Jesus lies amidst the buildings of the Old City of Jerusalem. Surrounded by markets, souvenir shops and minarets it invites pilgrims to meditate about the Mystery of Redemption that unfolded at this spot. Time and history have left their scars but it has managed to preserve its incomparable meaning. Even if many a time you find yourself distracted by the masses of pilgrims walking in all directions, you can still fall on your knees and proclaim with joy: "Alleluia! Jesus is Risen, he is not here". Regardless of the Christian denomination you belong to, you will feel that this spot has witnessed the "Glory of God in Jesus Christ".

A general view of the Holy Sepulchre

This Web site wants to be a "virtual visit" to this most sacred Christian site. We shall also review the twenty centuries of history of this unique monument.

* An introduction
* Topographical description of the region of Golgotha
* From quarry to Garden (VIIIth cent. BC - 135 AD)
* A temple to the Roman gods (135-335 AD)
* Unearthing the Garden of Golgotha (335 AD)
* The Byzantine monument at the Garden of Golgotha (335 AD)
* A period of Glory (335-614 AD)
* The first destructions and reconstructions (614 - 1009 AD)
* The great destruction and its aftermath (1009 - 1099 AD)
* The Crusader transformation (1099 - 1188 AD)
* A period of decadence
* The Christians at the door of the Holy Sepulchre
* Under the Turks (1517-1917)
* A new beginning
* The latest achievement
* The Franciscans at the Holy Sepulchre
* Opening and closing the doors of the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre
* The Liturgy of a Sunday Vigil in Lent

* Egeria (IV cent)
* Liturgy of Jerusalem according to Egeria (IV cent)

* The Life of Emperor Constantine

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