Based on the 1999 Calendar published by Massolini Group - Collebeato (BS) Italy by Mario and Claudia Massolini
copyright text by Michele Piccirillo; photos by Garo Nalbandian and Basilio Rodella


We are pleased to faithfully reproduce on our web site the latest of the cultural initiatives undertaken by Massolini Group: the 1999 Calendar. An initiative which knows its origin to the late John Baptist Massolini with Calendars dedicated to Jordan (1989), Lebanon (1992), Syria (1993), Sinai (1994) Madaba Mosaic Map (1996) and Egypt (1998). The Holy Land of the Crusaders wants to commemorate the ninth centenary of the First Crusade, an event which has greatly marked the second christian millenium and the relations between the west and the moslem world. Notwithstading the different evaluations presented by modern scholars of this complex movement of the Crusades, the reconstructed churches or that which remains from this artistic heritage with which the crusader architects and artists had filled towns, villages and countryside are witness to the medieval love of western christianity towards the Holy Sites. A period which brought deaths and sufferings on both sides and which lasted till 1291. Subsequently a new and different presence established itself at the Holy Sites followig in the footsteps of St. Francis: the Franciscans whose presence was officially recognised by the Catholic Church by the setting up of the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land in 1342.

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AA - Introduction
01 - The journey to the Holy Sepulchre
02- The Crusaders’ castles
03 - The Sanctuary of the Annunciation at Nazareth
04 - The Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre
05 - The Mount of Olives sanctuaries
06 - The sanctuaries of Garden of Gethsemane
07 - Templum Domini and Palatium Salomonis
08 - The churches of the Crusaders
09 - The liturgical ornaments of the churches
10 - Pilgrim artists and local workers
11 - The Basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem
12 - St. Francis and the Sultan and the Custody of the Holy Land

AA - Introduzione
01 - Il viaggio al Santo Sepolcro
02 - I Castelli crociati
03 - Il santuario dell’Annunciazione a Nazaret
04 - La basilica del Santo Sepolcro
05 - I santuari del Monte degli Olivi
06 - I santuari Nell’Orto del Getsemani
07 - Templum Domini et Palatium Salomonis
08 - Le chiese dei Crociati
09 - L’arredo liturgico delle chiese
10 - Artisti pellegrini e maestranze locali
11 - La Basilica della Natività a Betlemme
12 - San Francesco davanti al Sultano e la Custodia di Terra Santa

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