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Documents from The Holy Land
Documents that help you understand the reality of the people living in the Holy Land

    (that many a time are forgotten)
  • 03.04.1997
    Human Rights and the Quest for Peace in the Holy Land
  • 23.12.1996
    Christmas Message by the Patriarch of Jerusalem
  • 23.12.1996
    Christmas Message by the Franciscan Custos of the Holy Land
  • 05.11.1996
    The Closure of the West Bank
  • 29.10.1996
    The question of Jerusalem
  • 29.10.1996
    A Self-proclaimed Embassy: Christian Zionism
  • 10.10.1996
    The Palestinian Population in Danger
  • 29.09.1996
    A Message by the Christian Churches of Jerusalem after the bloody events in The Holy Land
  • 29.09.1996
    Jerusalem First: a message by Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem
  • 16.09.1996
    Open letter to PM Netanyahu about Christian Schools
  • 16.06.1996
    Jérusalem et les Eglises de Jérusalem
  • 18.06.1996
    Speech by PM Benjamin Netanyahu to the Knesset
  • 16.05.1996
    The plight of Chrisitian Schools in Jerusalem
  • 15.05.1996
    Reply to the above letter by Ehud Barak
  • 07.05.1996
    Open letter to PM Peres about Christian Schools
  • 16.03.1996
    Letter to PM Peres about closure of Territories
  • 30.09.1993
    Fundamental Agreement between the Holy See and the State of Israel
  • 28.10.1981
    Recent developments in connexion with excavations in eastern Jerusalem
  • 29.11.1947
    Religious Dimension of Jerusalem (UN Resolution 181)

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