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  • An Appeal by the Franciscan Custos of the Holy Land
    (violence and death hit again the Holy Land)
  • The Custody of the Holy Land cannot ignore the grave situation in which the Country is troubled by antagonisms which bring back memories of a painful past which we believed had been archived in memory.

    The visit of Mr. Ariel Sharon to the mosques' esplanade, more of a political nature rather than religious, ignited a very predictable reaction.

    The visceral reaction of the Palestinian people received a disproportionate military and civil reply, which left numerous dead and wounded.

    This violent situation did not only occurred in Jerusalem and Judea but also in Galilee. It also brought about the destruction of Moslem and Jewish places of worship and unacceptable night attacks on houses of innocent citizens, as in Nazareth and Beth Hanina. This created anxiety and fear in the local population for the disorders with which these events are taking place. All this brings also to mind the dangers for the future of the Holy Places and the plight and permanence of our Christians in the Country. Peace for this land is also a guarantee for peace to the western nations where millions of Arabs and Jews live and work.

    The Franciscans of the Holy Land, who for eight hundred years live amid the peoples of the Middle East, sharing joy and pain, renew the message of St. Francis of Assisi: PEACE AND ALL GOOD for all the inhabitants of the Region.

    The Good that comes forth from a just Peace: in hostility all is lost; in peace all is saved.

    May the Almighty God enlighten those responsible to find a solution which allows for dialogue and which will bring forth a peaceful living together.

    Fr. Giovanni Battistelli, ofm
    Custos of the Holy Land
    Jerusalem 10. 10. 2000

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