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  • Pilgrimage to River Jordan cancelled
    due to the acrtual situation
  • Due to the tragic events taking place, these days, in our region, the "Custody of the Holy Land" finds it convenient, for this year, not to retain the traditional pilgrimage to the Jordan River and the monastery of the Quarantine.

    During the last years, the religious Ceremony, was characterised as a peaceful gathering, not only by the peoples of the region, but also, by the numerous pilgrims who represent all the nations.

    With the hope that the actual feelings of mistrust in the region would be dominated. We wish that next year, we can meet one another again for prayer, because, despite the diversity in culture and history, the wall of separation between the peoples, may fall down: "All humans are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Humans have the talent of being reasonable, and conscious, and must act each towards the other, in a fraternal spirit."

    May God, Father of every mercy concede peace on everyone.

    Fr. Giovanni Battistelli, ofm
    Custos of the Holy Land
    Jerusalem, October 24th 2000

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