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(from News sources in the Holy Land)

  1. In Defense of Pius XII (Newsweek)
  2. The Conversion Dilemma or Divisions in Judaism (Original)
  3. Holy See and Israel's pact on status of Catholic institutions (The Jerusalem Post)
  4. The closure: Security boost or ticking bomb? (The Jerusalem Post)
  5. Ras al-Amud: Been there, done that (The Jerusalem Post)
  6. How to share an indivisible city (The Jerusalem Post)
  7. An interview of 1993 to late PM Yitzhak Rabin
  8. The Threat to Palestinian Residency Rights in Jerusalem (Corner Stone)
  9. Without Jerusalem... (The Jerusalem Post)
  10. Poor, divided 'City of Gold' (The Jerusalem Post)
  11. Jerusalem in the world's eyes (The Jerusalem Post)
  12. Palestinian Refugees: A Population of over 3 Million (Jerusalem Times)
  13. Text of letter by King Hussein to PM Binyamin Netanyahu
  14. Israel Government Press Office on building in Har-Homa
  15. Benjamin Netanyahu on redeployment in Hebron at Knesset
  16. Police evict more Beduin
  17. Foreign Correspondent (The Jerusalem Post)
  18. Open sore (The Jerusalem Post)
  19. Christmas in Amman - An auspicious occasion (The Star)
  20. Shrinking of Dead Sea raises deep environmental concerns (The Star)
  21. The Gradual Buyout of the Muslim Quarter (Jerusalem Report)
  22. As every child knows (Jerusalem Post)
  23. There has to be a Palestinian state (Jerusalem Post)
  24. L'enseignement chrétien dans les écoles publiques (The Star - Jordan)
  25. Christian Religion: a place in public Schools (of Jordan) (The Star - Jordan)
  26. The next battle (Jerusalem Post)
  27. Three faiths, one capital? (Jerusalem Times)
  28. Supreme council for the Holy Places (Jerusalem Times)
  29. Kept back (Jerusalem Post)
  30. The Jerusalem question (Jerusalem Times)

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