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In the name of the God of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob...
give us back water and electricity

Rome, 12.04.2002 - This morning the Minister general Fr. Giacomo BINI, launched an appeal to tghe Jewish Comunities of all the world to try to obtain from the Israli governement the concession of a humanitarian treatment towards the religious fraternity of the Nativity, For two weeks 40 friars and 4 nuns live together with over 200 palestinians who had forced their way inside the Basilica to escape from the Israeli army. All the buildings are surrounded by the army and for many days no electricity or water supply arrive at the Franciscan Friary of the Nativity.

The appeal of the Minister general was handed to the Head Rabbi, Dr. Riccardo DI SEGNI by Fr. Luigi Perugini, the franciscan delegate. In Rome there is the most ancient Jewish comunity outside of Israel. The meetingc of about 30 minutes took place at the Synagogue in Rome at 12.45. Rabbi Di Segni cordiallyh welcomed the Franciscan delegation and showed his concern for the situation. He further declared his immediate disponibility to pressure the Israeli Authority so that a solution be found for the serious situation of Bethlehem safeguarding the humatiarian needs.

The Order awaits that all the initiatives might bring forth a real solution and especially that WATER AND ELECTRICITY ARE GIVEN BACK TO THE FRIARS AND NUNS IN BETHLEHEM!

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