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Recovering the Sanctuaries

The Franciscans are at St. John of Acre. They abandon this, their first monastery, in 1291 when the Crusaders retreat from the city, the last remnant of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem.

The Franciscans establish themselves near the 5th Station of the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem during the truce (1129-1244) established between Frederick II and the Sultan of Egypt.

Pope Gregory IX (with the bull "Si Ordinis Fratrum Minorum") recommends the Franciscans and their activity to the Eastern Patriarchs and bishops.

Franciscan monasteries are known to exist at Sidon and Tyre.

St. Louis IX, King of France, builds a Convent for the Franciscans at Jaffa for the Franciscans.

Pope Alexander IV with the papal Bull "Ex relatu" grants the same indulgences to the Franciscans of the Holy Land as those granted to the Cruasaders.

Document of Baybars II, Sultan of Egypt, allowing the "Brethren of the Cord (Franciscans) to establish themselves at the Cenacle, the Sepulchre, and in Bethlehem. This is the first document signed by the Moslem supreme authorities in favour of the Franciscans as "guardians of the Christian holy places". From that moment there was a steady increase in the number of such documents, together with acts of purchase, juridical decisions. friendly transactions etc.

Aragonese Franciscans, sent by James II of Aragon, serve at the Holy Sepulchre.

King of Naples Queen of Naples

Robert of Anjou and Sanchia of Majorca, rulers of Naples acquire from the Sultan of Egypt, the Cenacle and the surrounding property as well as permission for the Friars to live at the site and the right of residence and service at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Sanci of Majorca, Queen of Naples and Robert of Anjou build for the Franciscans the convent at the Cenacle.

Canonical erection of the Custody of the Holy Land by Pope Clement VI through the Papal Bulls "Gratias Agimus" and "Nuper Carissime".

Definitive occupation at the sanctuary of the Nativity at Bethlehem.

Thanks to Joan, Queen of Naples and Sicily, the Franciscans enter in possession of the Tomb of the Virgin in the Valley of Kidron (until 1757).

The Franciscans acquire the Milk's Grotto in Bethlehem.

The Franciscans obtain the right to celebrate services in the Grotto Gethsemane, north of the basilica of the Agony.

Ein Kerem: acquisition of the place of the Birth of St. John the Baptist. A church is built in 1621.

Expulsion from the friary at the Cenacle.

The Custody transfers its headquarters to the ex-Georgian convent of St. Saviour.

The Franciscans acquire the Sanctuary of St. Peter in Tiberias.

The friars obtain definitive possession from the Druse Prince, Fakhr el-Din, of the ruins on the site of the Annunciation in Nazareth.

The Druse Prince Fakhr el-Din donates Mount Tabor with its ruins to the Franciscans.

Beginning of negotiations for acquiring Cana in Galilee, negotiations that are to ccontinue for two centuries.

Beginning of negotiations for the acquisition of Gethsemane.

The Custody acquire the area of the Garden of Gethsemane.

Acquisition of sanctuary of the St. John at Ein Kerem.

Acquisition of the Crusader ruins of the sanctuary of the Nutrition (St. Joseph) at Nazareth.

Acquisition of the sanctuary of the Flagellation in Jerusalem.

The chapel of St. Cleophas at Emmaus-Qubeibeh donated by the Marquesse Paoline Nicolay.

Acquisition of the Seventh Station of the Via Dolorosa.

Acquisition of the sanctuary of Naim.

Conclusion of negotiations for Cana of Galilee.

The Friars acquire the sanctuary of Bethphage.

Acquisition of 5th Station and Dominus Flevit in Jerusalem; in Galilee, the areas of Tabgha and Magdala are acquired while negotiations for Bethany begin.

The ruins of Capharnaum are acquired.

Final acquisitions in the Gethsemane area.

The Friars acquire the Shepherd's field at Beit Sahur, in the vicinity of Bethlehem.

Acquisition of "St. John in the Desert"

The Friars acquire the ruins of Siyagha (Mt. Nebo) and Mukhayyet in Jordan.

Acquisition of the site of Jesus' baptism on the banks of River Jordan.

The Custody builds a new convent at the Cenacle on Mt. Zion.

Acquisition of the Sanctuary of Bethany.

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