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The Coastal Plain of the Mediterranean

The places that lie between the Mediterranean sea and the palestinian mountains are distributed on a relatively wide section of the Map.

The northernmost city is Lod also Lydea also Diospolis. The vignette that shows no walls around the city, is characterized by a semicircular road that goes round a church very similar to a colonnaded exedra. During the Byzantine era, Diospolis was renowned for the particular veneration of the martyr Saint George.

There are also represented the villages of Sapharea, Betodegana and, within the territory of the city of Joppa by the sea, the sanctuary of Saint Jonah who, in an effort to flee from God, embarked at Jaffa to go to Tarsis. Part of a ship can be seen at sea.

The coastal plain: a detail

This is the land of the tribe of Dan, and we have here, cited in red letters, the biblical text taken from the book of Judges 5, 17: Why did Dan remain in ships?

To the south of Jaffa we enter the Philistine region. There are represented here: the city of Gath now Gitta one of the five satrapies, Enetaba, Jabneel which is also Jamnia, Ekron which is now Akkara, Ashdod which is also Azotus and Azotus Paralus. On the white background of the plain, there are another four captionless vignettes.

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