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Madaba Mosaic Map
The Seashore of the Mediterranean

In an isolated fragment of the mosaic there has been preserved the port of Askalon on the palestinian coast. The vignette of the city shows a network of colonnaded and porticoed roads. Outside the city walls there is the shrine of the Egyptian Martyrs, Ares, Promos and Elijah, which was venerated by the pilgrims.

The Seashore of the Mediterranean

The only surviving part of the vignette depicting the city of Gaza, comparable in size to that of Jerusalem, shows the south of the city. Two porticoed streets run across the city intersecting one another in a central square. The south east sector shows a horseshoe shaped theater, while the south western area is occupied by a grand ecclesiastical complex.

Around the city are represented: the port of Gaza, Maiumas which is also Neapolis, the shrine of Saint Victor and the shrine of Saint Ilarion. To the east there are the villages of Oga, Asalea, Sobila, Bethagidea, Edrain, Thamatha, Seana, Madebena which is now Menois and Sycomazon.

To the south of Gaza, in an accentuated inexistent inlet in the sea towards the east, (the Sinai coast in fact turn west), we find the caption, in red border of Egypt and Palestine. the localities of Raphia and Betylium are indicated as being north of the border. South of the border there are indicated the cities of Rhinokorura (al-'Arish), Ostrakine, The Kasius, The Pentaschoinon and The Aphtaeum. These were all stations on the road that connected the egyptian Delta to Palestine.

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