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On Mount Nebo, in the Sanctuary of Moses and the surrounding monastic buildings atop Siyagha, in the Churches of the Village of Khirbat al-Mukhayyat and in the Valleys of 'Uyun Musa and 'Ayn al-Kanisah, there have been preserved a concentration of mosaic works which are fundamental for understanding the development of byzantine-omayyad mosaic art in the territory of Madaba from the IV to the end of the VIII century.

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* Introduction

The mosaics of the primitive sanctuary (IV-V cent.)
* The mosaic of the Cross
* The geometric panel
* The mosaic of the priests Teofilus and Alexios
* The polychrome mosaic of the cella trichora

The mosaics of intermediate phase
* The mosaic of the diakonikon - baptistery
* The intermediate mosaic of the South baptistery

Last phase
* The mosaics of the Basilica of Moses
* The upper mosaic of the diakonikon
* The baptistery chapel of the basilica of Moses
* The Theotokos Chapel
* The mosaics in the façade narthex
* Itinerant Craftsmen


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