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On Mount Nebo, in the Sanctuary of Moses and the surrounding monastic buildings atop Siyagha, in the Churches of the Village of Khirbat al-Mukhayyat and in the Valleys of 'Uyun Musa and 'Ayn al-Kanisah, there have been preserved a concentration of mosaic works which are fundamental for understanding the development of byzantine-omayyad mosaic art in the territory of Madaba from the IV to the end of the VIII century.

The numerous inscriptions accompanying the mosaics with the names of the bishops of Madaba, the names of the abbots of the monastery of Moses and those of the private and public benefactors, clerics, monks and laity are of great historical value. These are a precious archive for the history of the christian community of the diocese of Madaba and of the monastic presence on the mountain. The names of six mosaicists who worked in the sanctuary of Moses and in the village add another worthwhile detail to this rich historic-artistic documentation........

The mosaics of Siyagha
The removal for restoration of the floor mosaics in the basilica of Moses, started in 1967 by Fr. Virgilio Corbo and undertaken by us in 1976, led to the discovery of lower mosaiced areas inside the Sanctuary.

1. The mosaics inside the basilica of Moses
Stratigraphically the mosaics discovered inside the basilica can be subdivided into four groups:

A. Mosaics in relation to the areas of the primitive sanctuary of Moses (IV-V cent.).
B. Mosaics resulting from intermediate restoration works carried out before the construction of the basilica (first years of the VI cent. till 530).
C. Mosaics of the basilica (mid VI cent.)
D. Mosaics of the lateral chapels(end VI cent. beginning VII cent)

This division, partially innovative in relation to the conclusions previously accepted, is based upon the results of the excavations carried out in the Basilica and of the stratigraphic analysis of the wall structures.


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