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Khirbat al-Mukhayyat - The Town of Nebo


The Town of Nebo
St. George
Priest John
Lot and Procopius

The Town of Nebo
Churches Pictures:
St. George
Priest John Upper
Priest John Lower
Lot and Procopius

Il restauro del mosaico nella chiesa dei Santi Lot e Procopio

The ruins of Khirbat al-Mukhayyat are normally identified with the town of Nebo mentioned in the stela of Mesha king of Moab (IX th Cent. BC), and in the biblical texts (Isaiah 15:2 and Jeremiah 48:22).

Archaeological excavations started in 1935 by the Franciscan archaeologists have clarified that the locality has been occupied in the Second Millennium BC (Middle Bronze II), in the Iron Age (IX-VI th Cent. BC), and in the Hellenistic – Roman period.

In the Bizantine epoch (V-VI th Cent. AD), three churches and a small monastery paved with mosaics were built in the village.

On the mountain east of Khirbat al-Mukhayyat, an Iron Age Tower of the VIIth Cent. BC has been excavated, together with a small Byzantine monastery. The chapel was paved with mosaics.

In the tombs located on the slopes of the tell, pottery vessels of different periods have been found, witnessing the occupational history of the town of Nebo from the XVIIth Cent. BC to the VII th Cent. AD.

On the highest point of the acropolis, was located the Church of Saint George paved with mosaics in 536 AD.

The best preserved mosaic floor is visible in the Church of the Holy Martyrs Lot and Procopius paved at the time of Bishop John of Madaba in the middle of the VI th Cent. AD.

The parish church of Amos and Casiseos with the northern chapel of the Priest John, is situated on the eastern edge of the Byzantine village. The chapel was paved with mosaics at the time of Bishop Phidos and Bishop John of Madaba.


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