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Khirbat al-Mukhayyat:
  The Church of the Holy Martyrs Lot and Procopius


The Town of Nebo
St. George
Priest John
Lot and Procopius

The Town of Nebo
Churches Pictures:
St. George
Priest John Upper
Priest John Lower
Lot and Procopius

Il restauro del mosaico nella chiesa dei Santi Lot e Procopio

The little apsed church (16.25 m x 8.65 m) on the acropolis, which was identified in 1913, was built at the time of Bishop John of Madaba, in the middle of the VIth century A.D. Two sheep facing a tree decorate the elevated presbyterium, and traces of two birds are still visible at the side of the altar. In the nave, along the step, runs a long dedicatory inscription: “At the time of the most holy and most saintly Bishop John, Your holy place was built and finished by its priest and paramonarius, Barichas, in the month of November of the time of the 6th indiction [A.D. 557]. O God of Saint Lot and of Saint Procopius, receive the offering and the present of the brothers Stephen and Elias, the children of Cometissa. O God of the holy martyrs, receive the present of Sergius and Procopius his son. For the welfare of Rabata [the daughter] of Anastasia and for the repose of John [the son] of Anastasius and for those who contributed, the Lord knows their names.”

The central nave is divided into two separate panels, each enclosed in a double ribbon with bows imitating a carpet. The eastern panel is decorated with hunting, pastoral, and wine-making scenes, all enclosed in twenty volutes of vines arranged in six rows of four scrolls each. The four vines proceed from the four corners of the field, each from a clump of acanthus leaves. The western panel is decorated with four fruit-laden trees placed in the four corners and meeting in the center. Pairs of animals facing each other are found among them. Among the animals are two bulls facing an altar; the inscription below them reads: “Then they shall offer calves upon Thy altar [Psalm 51:21]. Lord have mercy on the lowly Epiphania.”

Five intercolumnar panels have nilotic motifs, including a church between a fisherman and a boatman who carries amphorae; two fantastic animals facing a papyrus plant on which a duck is nestling; two geese on either side of a plant; aquatic animals and flowers; and two gazelles facing a tree.

The eastern edge of the southern aisle is decorated with a grid filled with leaves; two partridges face a vase. The nearby inscription reads: “O Saint Lot, receive the prayer of Rome and Porphyria and Mary, your servants.”


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