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The Memorial of Moses at Mount Nebo
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  • It is in the memoir of the travels of the Duke of Luynes in 1864 that we find the first modern description of the ruins of Siyagha. Other explorers soon interested themselves in the site and correctly surmised its nature and history. It was, however, the discovery in Arezzo of Egeria's diary and its subsequent publication in 1887, plus,. the resurfacing in 1895 of Peter's account, that definitely settled the minds of the scholars.

    As a consequence, in 1932, the Nebo peaks of Siyagha and el-Mukhayyat were both purchased by the Custody of the Holy Land. Bro. Jerome Mihaic, the enterprising Franciscan friend of the Bedouins and of Emir Abdullah (whose good offices brought the business to a successful conclusion) quickly arranged to have the two properties linked to the road from Madaba, thereby making them accessible to archaeologists.

    Excavations at Siyagha got under way in the summer of 1933, on 13 July to be precise. This initial expedition was under the direction of Fr Sylvester Saller OFM of the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum of Jerusalem. Fr Saller was to be assisted in succeeding years by other notable colleagues from the Studium, including the then youthful Fr Bellarmino Bagatti OFM. Three long archaeological campaigns, in 1933, 1935 and 1937 respectively resulted in the discovery of the Basilica and of a large monastery which, in Byzantine times, had grown up around it. In 1963 the modern restoration of the Nebo ruins was assigned to Fr Virgilio Corbo OFM. In 1976 the project was assigned to Fr Michele Piccirillo OFM and his associates.



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