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The Memorial of Moses at Mount Nebo

* Description
* Bible - pilgrims
* Explorers
* First Sanctuary
* Basilica
* Today
* Pictures 1

Sunset from Mt. Nebo
Cross-like bronze serpent

The primitive monastery
Wadi Mousa from Mt. Nebo

The façade of the structure
covering the remains
of the Memorial of Moses
View from the east

Façade of the Basilica
The tomb of
Br. Jerome Mihaic ofm

The actual "Basilica"
incrporating the ancient ruins
Another view of the
main aisle of the Basilica

The presbytery and
the ancient "cella tricora"
A reconstrtucted column
of the main aisle

The "Memorial of Moses"
Another view of
the "Memorial of Moses"

The diakonikon-baptistry
of the VI century in the
North side of the Church
The mosaic of the diakonikon
which covered the
VI century baptistry

The VII century baptistry
in the South side of the Church
The Theotokos Chapel

Remains of the ancient monastery
A commemorative stele
set up by the Franciscans

Stele at the entrance to the site
Entrance to the Franciscan Friary

Internal courtyard of the Friary
Another view of the Courtyard

The outer walls of the Friary
The Chapel of St. Michael
at the Friary

Inside the Chapel of St. Michael
Base of the Millenium Monument

The Millennium monument
A welcome to all those
who enter at Mt. Nebo

Pope John Paul II
at Mount Nebo
(March 2000)



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