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Michele Piccirillo ofm

Born in 1944 at Casanova di Carinola, Caserta, Italy, is an archaeologist of the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum in Jerusalem, which is part of the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land. Since 1960, he has lived in Jerusalem (Old City). He received degrees in Sacred Theology from the Athenaeum Antonianum and in Biblical Studies from the Pontifical Biblical Institute, both in Rome. His doctorate in archaeology from the Institute of Near Eastern Studies at La Sapienza University in Rome was conferred in 1975. Dr. Piccirillo is the director of the museum of the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum and he is Ordinary Professor of Biblical Geography and History at the same institute. He is also Visiting Professor of Palestinology at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome. The author of a number of works on the archaeology of Jordan, he has directed excavation and restoration projects since 1973 at the Memorial of Moses on Mount Nebo, at Madaba and Umm al-Rasas. These projects are in cooperation with the Department of Antiquities of Jordan. Dr. Piccirillo serves as president of the scientific committee organized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to assist the Jordanian government in creating the Madaba Mosaic School.

Editor of:
* A. Spijkerman, The Coins of the Decapolis and Provincia Arabia, Franciscan Printing Press, Jerusalem 1978;
* AA. VV., La Custodia di Terra Santa e l'Europa. I rapporti politici e l'attività culturale dei Francescani in Medio Oriente, Il Veltro Editrice, Roma 1983.

Author of:

* Chiese e Mosaici della Giordania Settentrionale, Jerusalem 1981;
* Chiese e mosaici di Madaba, Milano-Jerusalem 1989;
* Grundriss der Biblischen Geographie, in Welt aus der die Bible kommt, Stuttgart 1982, II, pp. 11-63;
* Il Museo dello Studium Biblicum Franciscanum, Jerusalem 1983;
* La Montagna del Nebo, Jerusalem 1986;
* I mosaici di Giordania, Roma l986 (three editions in Italian, translated in German, French and Danish);
* The Mosaics of Jordan, ACOR Archaeological Series No. 1, Amman 1993;
* Umm al-Rasas - Mayfa‘ah, I. Gli scavi del complesso di Santo Stefano, Jerusalem 1994.

*Scientific director of the exhibition on the Mosaics of Jordan which has been presented in Roma (Palazzo Venezia), Austria (Vienna e Klagenfurt), Germany (Monaco, Munster, Berlin, Ettlingen), France (Lione), Italy (Rome-Palazzo Venezia, Spilimbergo, Bergamo-Castello di Malpaga), Denmark (Aahrus), Island, England (London and Manchester).

Studium Biblicum Franciscanum,
Mount Nebo - Jordan



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