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Center of Christian Oriental Studies

logo mouski The Franciscan Center of Christian Oriental Studies was founded in Cairo by the Custody of the Holy Land in 1954 at the monastery of Mousky, the first Franciscan establishment in Egypt.

The objectives of the Center are concentrated in two areas: the development of the Eastern sciences concerning Middle East Christian communities and the documentation and recording of a chronicle of the life and history of the Franciscans in the Middle East.

Editorial Production

The Center publishes these two series:

Studia Orientalia Christiana. Collectanea: Annual Studies on various Christian Oriental Churches, Arab Christianity and the presence of the Franciscans in the Middle East for these many centuries.

Studia Orientalia Christiana. Monographiae: monographic studies on Christian communities of the Near East, and the history of Franciscan activity in that region.

New: Elli A., Storia della Chiesa Copta; Serra A., Pellegrinaggio al Monte Sinai; Pieraccini P., Il ristabilimento del Patriarcato latino di Gerusalemme e la Custodia di Terra Santa; P. Castellana - A. Di Bennardo - R. Fernández, Deir Mar Touma di Saidnaya; SOC Collectanea 39 (2006); B. Pirone, Vita di San Macario

In the press:

The Franciscan Printing Press is also the distributor of a vast collection of publications sponsored by the Custody of the Holy Land which are embraced by the aims of the Franciscan Center of Christian Oriental Studies. Included are historical, liturgical and theological works which have been published between 1898 and 1982. It brings out the famous Bio-bibliographic Library of the Holy Land and the Franciscan Orient founded by Father Jerome Golubovich. It is a monumental collection of sources for a knowledge of the Christian Orient.

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