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Nazareth Today. Jerusalem 1969. 104 pp.; ills.
Typeset 2116; Stock 11047 — U.S. $ 2.00
The Gospel of the Annunciation - Religious buildings erected on the site of the Annunciation and Incarnation - The Holy See and the basilica at Nazareth - Photos of Nazareth Yesterday and Today - What a Consecration means - Franciscans are welcome at Nazareth because of their kindness - Nazareth’s message.

J. Briand, The Judeo-Christian Church of Nazareth. Jerusalem 1984. 79 pp.; ills.
Offset 3496; Stock 11045 — U.S. $ 4.00
Introduction - The Jewish Christians at Nazareth - Basilica of the Annunciation - the Church of Saint Joseph - Historical, Literary and Archaeological Data.

I. Peña, The Amazing life of the Syrian Monks in the 4th-6th Centuries. Jerusalem 1991. 176 pp.; ills.
Offset 3978; Stock 18013 — U.S. $ 20.00
Introduction - Roman-Byzantine Syria - The stylites - Voluntary recluses - The magnificent flowering of the cenobites (5th and 6th centuries) - Daily life of the monks - Activities of the monks - Veneration of holy monks.

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