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SBF. Analecta 47 - Jerusalem 1999
Pages: 178

After years of research, Enzo Cortese maintains the thesis that the Deuteronomistic Work (Deuteronomy ­ 2Kings) is an homogeneous pre-exilic composition (under Josiah, 639-609 B.C.) with exilic additions. He also offers a synthetic vision of the relationship between these books and the "Tetrateuch."

AUTHOR:Enzo Cortese, a priest of the Diocese of Acqui (Italy), studied Scripture at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome (doctorate). He presently teaches Old Testament at the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum, Jerusalem.

Among his publications: "La Terra di Canaan nella storia sacerdotale del Pentateuco" (SupplRivBib 5), Brescia 1972. "Il Levitico" (La Sacra Bibbia), Casale Monferrato 1982. "Da Mosč a Esdra. I libri storici dell'Antico Israele", Bologna 1985. "Josua 13-21. Ein priesterschriftlicher Abschnitt im deuteronomistischer Geschichtswerk" (OBO 94), Freiburg ­ Göttingen 1990. "Tra escatologia e apocalittica. Da Gioele a Daniele," Cinisello Balsamo 1999. He also published many articles in biblical journals.

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