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The Franciscan Printing Press is operated by the Custody of the Holy Land. It opened in Jerusalem in 1847 under the name Stamperia Francescana. The various governments which succeeded each other in the land have recognized it as the Franciscan Printing Press, which has become its permanent name.

Its survival for almost a century and a half, in spite of the socio-political upheavals in the Middle East, as well as its multitude of publications, attest to its vitality.

The works which it has published have contributed to the renewed interest in biblical and palestinian studies down to the early decades of this century. We are indebted in a special way to the professors of the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum (founded in 1924). They produced an enormous amount of scientific works through which they took the initiative in biblical science and the study of the origins of Christianity in the Holy Land.

The Franciscan Printing Press works in cooperation with the Franciscan Center of Christian Oriental Studies to publish documents, studies and research activity. This Center was established in Cairo in 1954 and concentrates on Christian Communities of the Middle East and the Franciscan presence in the area during these many centuries.

Finally, our publications make up an extensive collection of historical documents on the Holy Land, the Statu Quo and the Holy Places, the Shrines, Liturgical Books for the use of local Catholic Communities and other publications for Christian communities and schools.

Have a look at our catalogue. It contains all available titles plus a selected list of old works of a particular historical interest.

Fr. Vittorio Bosello ofm


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