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The Interpretation of the Scriptures. The Sacrifice
of Isaac in the three Monotheistic Religions


Proceedings of a symposium held in Jerusalem March 16 - 17th, 1995
Analecta 41
Pages: 210

This book is the result of a Symposium organized by the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum of Jerusalem in March 1995. It is not an ecumenical essay, but an academic discussion between scholars on a well known topic: the sacrifice or the binding of Isaac.

Different approaches are proposed here. Old Testament studies remain basic, but are completed by Jewish tradition, especially Targums and Jewish Liturgy. An original contribution is made by Samaritan study of Gen 22 which could be very old. New Testament, more precisely Pauline and Johannine studies, show the echo the sacrifice of Isaac found in early Christianity. Patristic studies complete the subject analyzing the results of the different Church Fathers' schools.

The Coran knows also about the sacrifice of Abraham's son, which in muslim tradition was identified with Ismael, rather than with Isaac. The place of the sacrifice was changed also.

Such different readings of the same text compel the exegete to answer a fundamental question: what is the meaning of the interpretation of a text? Hermeneutics are indispensable to find an answer to that question. In conclusion the Custos of the Holy Land shows the importance for real academic discussion to bring about peace.

F. Manns, Presentation
A. Niccacci, Opening Remarks
E. Cortese, Gen 22, 1-9. History and Theology of the Narrative
T. Thordson, The sacrifice of Isaac in Samaritan tradition
Seth Daniel Kunin, The Death of Isaac: Structuralist Analysis of Genesis 22
F. Manns, The binding of Isaac in Jewish Liturgy
F. Manns, The Targum of Gen 22
M. Pérez Fernández, The Akedah in Paul
J. Taylor, Response to M. Pérez Fernández,
M. Pérez Fernández, Response to Justin Taylor
F. Manns, Note on the Sacrifice of Isaac in the Fourth Gospel
M. C. Paczkowski, The Sacrifice of Isaac in Early Patristic Exegesis
L. Cignelli, The sacrifice of Isaac in Patristic Exegesis
M. Bregman, The Riddle of the ram in Genesis Chapter 22. Jewish-Christians Contacts in late Antiquity
`Amer Yunis, The sacrifice of Abraham in Islam
H. Noujaim, Response to Dr `Amer Yunis
J. Doukhan, The Akedah at the "Crossroad"
A. Niccacci, On Hermeneutics of the Holy Scriptures
G. Nazzaro, Conclusion
1) Text of the Targums;
2) Text of Gen R
3) Text of PRE
4) Pictures on the Binding of Isaac

TARGET READERS: Students of Biblical studies (Old and New Testament), Ancient Judaism, Early Christianity, Patristic, Samaritan studies, Islamic studies

EDITOR : Frédéric Manns is professor of New Testament and Judaism at the SBF of Jerusalem. He is author of numerous books and articles on Judaism and the Gospel of St John in the light of Jewish tradition.

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