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Divine Promises to the Fathers in the
Three Monotheistic Religions.


Proceedings of a Symposium held in Jerusalem, March 24-25th, 1993
Analecta 40
Pages: 220

Jews, Christians and Moslems look at Abraham as their father. God manifested himself to him, ordered him to leave his land and people and go to another country and ordered him to live according to his comanments. At the same time he made various statements about the future. These announcements are usually called promises, even if this term is not found in hebrew. The SBF and the Custody of the Holy Land organised this Symposium on the research of the sources and the rtraditions of the three monotheistic religions. This research ispresented by specialists who with their views present the spade-work for a dialogue focusing on the converegence and divergence aspects. The vatrious contributions show how the original promises are re-read in the subsequent Jewish, Christian and Moslem traditions.

Contributions by:
E. Cortese, A. Rofé, A. Goshen-Gottstein, R.J. Karris, Y. Al-Mallah, J. Loza, T. Stransky, M. Gilbert, M. Lowe, H. Noujaim, R. Khoury, F. Bouwen, A. Niccacci, F. Manns, G. Nazzaro.

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