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    The Latin critical editions of the Franciscan Sources:

    1) Analecta Franciscana sive Chronica aliaque varia documenta ad historiam Fratrum Minorum spectantia, edita a Patribus Collegii S. Bonaventurae, Tomus X, Legendae S. Francisci Assisiensis saeculis XIII et XIV conscriptae, Ad Claras Aquas, Quaracchi, Florence, 1941, pp. 756. (simply quoted as AF X).

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    English and Italian editions of the Franciscan Sources:

    1) St. Francis of Assisi. Writings and Early Biographies. English Omnibus of Sources for the Life of St. Francis. Edited by Marion A. Habig, Franciscan Herald Press, Chicago, Illinois 60609, 1972; newer editions by Franciscan Press, Quincy College, Quincy, Illinois 62301-2699, pp. 1960. A completely new English edition of the Sources is under way. It will also be available on CD.

    2) Fonti Francescane. Scritti e biografie di san Francesco d'Assisi. Cronache e altre testimonianze del primo secolo francescano. Scritti e biografie di santa Chiara d'Assisi. Edizioni Messaggero Padova, 1977, 1980, pp. 2830. Pocket edition or Editio Minor, EM Padova, 1986, pp. 1560.

    © copyright FIOR-Malta
    Text by Fr. Noel Muscat ofm



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