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Noel Muscat OFM is a member of the Franciscan Province of the Order of Friars Minor in Malta. He was born on 3 December 1957 in Malta and joined the Franciscan Order in 1976. He studied in Malta, Bologna and Rome (Pontificium Athenaeum Antonianum), where he specialised in Franciscan Spirituality (1984-1989). His doctoral dissertation is entitled: "The Life of St. Francis in the Light of St. Bonaventure's Theology on the `Verbum Crucifixum'", TAU Publications, Malta 1989. He is author of various Franciscan books and publications in Maltese and English. Noel Muscat directs the Course of Franciscan Studies in the Franciscan Institute of the Maltese Franciscan Province.

Abbreviations for the writings and sources
of the lives of St. Francis and St. Clare

Writings of St. Francis
Adm = Admonitions
CantSol = Canticle of Creatures
LaudDei = Praises of God on the Parchment given to Brother Leo
BenLeo = Benediction given to Brother Leo
EpAnt = Letter to St. Anthony
EpCler = Letter to the Clergy
EpCust = Letter to the Custodians
EpFid = Letter to the Faithful
EpLeo = Letter to Brother Leo
EpMin = Letter to a Minister
EpOrd = Letter to the Order
EpRect = Letter to the Rulers of the Peoples
ExhLD = Exhortation to Praise God
ExpPat = Prayer inspired by the Our Father
FormViv = Form of Life given to St. Clare
LaudHor = Praises before the Divine Office
OffPass = Office of the Passion
OrCruc = Prayer before the Crucifix
RegB = Later Rule (1223)
RegNB = Earlier Rule (1221)
RegEr = Rule written for Hermitages
SalBMV = Salutation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
SalVirt = Salutation of the Virtues
Test = Testament
UltVol = Last Will given to St. Clare

Writings of St. Clare
1LAg = First Letter to Agnes of Prague
2LAg = Second Letter to Agnes of Prague
3LAg = Third Letter to Agnes of Prague
4LAg = Fourth Letter to Agnes of Prague
LEr = Letter to Ermentrude of Bruges
RegCl = Rule of St. Clare (1253)
TestCl = Testament of St. Clare
BCl = Blessing of St. Clare

Sources for the Life of St. Francis
1 Cel = Thomas of Celano, First Life of St. Francis
2 Cel = Thomas of Celano, Second Life of St. Francis
3 Cel = Thomas of Celano, Treatise on the Miracles of St. Francis
LegMaj = St. Bonaventure, Major Life of St. Francis
LegMin = St. Bonaventure, Minor Life of St. Francis
L3S = Legend of the Three Companions
AnonPer = The Anonymous of Perugia
LegPer = Legend of Perugia
AC = Assisi Compilation
SpecPerf = Mirror of Perfection
Fior = Little Flowers of St. Francis
OS = English Omnibus of Sources for the Life of St. Francis
FF = Fonti Francescane (Italian edition of the Sources)

Sources for the Life of St. Clare
CantExh = Canticle of Exhortation given by St. Francis to St. Clare
1PrPov = Privilege of Poverty of Pope Innocent III (1216)
2PrPov = Privilege of Poverty of Pope Gregory IX (1228)
Proc = Process of Canonisation of St. Clare (1253)
BC = Bull of Canonisation of St. Clare (1255)
LegCl = Legend of St. Clare

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