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The material being presented at this WEB site is the result of a Cybercourse presented by FIOR (Franciscan Institute - Malta - Outreach). It was announced on 25.10.96: "The Franciscan Institute - Malta wants to announce its first Franciscan Cyberscourse: The Course: This course presents a basic introduction to Franciscan Studies for persons who are interested in a first approach to the charismatic figure of St. Francis of Assisi and his movement. The main content will touch the themes of Franciscan Sources, Franciscan Spirituality, Franciscan History, Franciscan Schools of Thought, Franciscan Saints and Mystics, Franciscan Places, Franciscan Missions and Franciscan Ministry in Contemporary Cultures. The Course is aimed at encouraging participants to delve deeper into each of the content areas, with the indication of some basic books."

The material has been elaborated and graphically enhanced to prepare this site thanks also to the collaboration of Christusrex, through Michael Olteanu who has prepared the hi-res pictures being presented here.

Applications for the cybercourse poured in immediately. The first "lecture" was delivered on 06 December '96 the last on 28 February '97. This cybercourse had 873 registered persons who received the weekly instalments via eMail. These subscribers shared this material with others (family, friends, groups) bringing the readership to well over the 1000 mark. Subscribers came from the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Brazil, UK, Czech Republic, Israel, Italy, Germany, Finland, Malta, Jordan, Singapore, Denmark, Indonesia, Mexico, Malaysia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Philippines, Portugal, Sweden, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkey, South Africa.

Here are some randomly chosen comments by the participants:

From subscriber
I really enjoyed your course on Franciscanism. It will incorporated in the formation studies of our new members. Thanks so much for taking the time to develop the course and share it with us. God Bless you all.

From subscriber
I wish to thank you for the opportunity to study. I am keeping all the files on my computer, regrouped together and will refer to them, reread them, because I think all this information has to be studied carefully in order to assimilate most of it. Its very interesting.

From subscriber
My thanks to all you for the invaluable lectures you made available to those of us who are interested in learning more about St. Francis and the Franciscan Order. I've found the reading I've done very enjoyable and informative. I was interested in reading about the close relationship the Franciscans had with the Dominicans from the very beginning.

From subscriber
We so very much appreciate the effort and knowledge that went into this endeavor. It has been helpful in our study of Francis. I especially liked the Biography. It was simply and concisely written, and it was fun, easy reading.

From subscriber
Allow me to express my sincere gratitude to you. Your office must have been flooded with such acknowledgments from all over the world. The first Cybercourse of the Introduction to Franciscan Studies might be too difficult for postulants and novices to understand. However, the whole lessons are more than good indicators for the professed members to know in which direction they should continue to study in their efforts of the ongoing formation. ... As long as we always know what we are doing, we won't become slaves of modern technology but effectively use it as a means to disseminate the Franciscan spirit and proclaim the good news to every part of the world. With respectful greetings in Jesus Christ.

From subscriber
Thank you for doing this ministry. This was a very concise presentation, that could be used to either supplement other reading or be the catalyst for more reading abour Francis, Clare and the Franciscan family and calling.

From subscriber
I thank God for this media and pray the Church takes advantage of it to assure that errors in doctrine etc are stopped that ALL shall have access in real time in their language to the truth- Jesus Thanks very much for poinering this for God's people.

From subscriber
We all enjoyed the course. It is a wonderful overview of Franciscanism. Thank you all and God bless you for helping us learn more.

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Text by Fr. Noel Muscat ofm



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