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(edited by Romano Penna)
translated by Fr. Lionel Goh ofm
We are presenting this "Lithany to the Father" as a prayerful experience of the Word of God.
To better appreciate its wealth we suggest you pray and comment it in an assembly.

1. Father, our only God (1Cor 8:6; Mt 23:9;
Jn 8:41)

/R. For everything we give you thanks forever (Eph 5:20)
2. Father, the living God who lives forever (Rev 4:9; 10:6)
3. Father, who dwells in unapproachable light (1Tim 6:16)
4. Father, God of all, who is above all, through all and in all (Eph 4:6)
5. Father, who alone is Good (Mk 10:18)
6. Father, who is greater than our hearts (1Jn 3:20)
7. Father, who is impartial to all (1Pet 1:17)
8. Father, perfect and merciful as we ought to be (Mt 5;48; Lk 6:36)
9. Father, from whom all things come and for whom we exist (1Cor 8:6)
10. Father, God of mercy and all consolation (2Cor 1:3)
11. Father, God of Light from whom all good things come (James 1:17)
12. Father, who sees the secrets of the heart and knows all our needs (Mt 6:
13 Father, who feeds the birds of the sky and clothes the lilies of the fields (Mt 6:26.28)
14 Father, without whose Will nothing can be accomplished (Mt 10:29)
15 Father, who causes the sun to rise on the just and the unjust (Mt 5:45)
16 Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth takes its name (Eph 3:15)
17 Father, from whom comes grace and peace (Rom 1:7; 1Cor 1:3;
2Cor 1:2; Gal 1:3; Eph 1:2;
Phil 1:2; Col 1:2;
1Tim 1:2; 2Tim 1:2;
Tit 1:4; Philem 3; 2Jn 3)
18 Father, who is worshipped in spirit and in truth (Jn 4:23)
19 Father, who is One with the Son (Jn 10:30)
20 Father, who knows the Son and who is known by the Son (Mt 11:27; Jn 10:15)
21 Father, who loves the Son and has placed all things in His hands (Jn 3:35; Mt 11:27)
22 Father, who is honoured by those who honour the Son (Jn 5:23; 1Jn 2:23)
23 Father, who first loved us even while we were sinners (1Jn 4:10; Rom 5:8)
24 Father, who chose us before the foundation of the world, so that we may be holy and blameless before You (Eph 1:4)
25 Father, who loves us so much that You sent Your Son to give us Life (Jn 3:16)
26 Father, whom no one has seen, but of whom Jesus had spoken (Jn 1:18)
27 Father, whom we see whenever we see Jesus (Jn 14:9)
28 Father, God of Jesus and our God (Jn 20:17)
29 Father, who blest us with every spiritual blessing in Jesus Christ (Eph 1:3)
30 Father, who loved us and gave us eternal comfort and hope (2The 2:16)
31 Father, who have rescued us from the power of darkness and transferred us into the kingdom of Your beloved Son (Col 1:13)
32 Father, who have enabled us to share in the inheritance of the saints in light (Col 1:12)
33Father, who have given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ (1Pet 1:3)
34 Father, to whose glory we confess that Jesus is Lord (Phil 2:11)
35 Father, on whose Throne sits the Amen who is Christ (Rev 3:21)
36 Father, with whom we have an advocate in Jesus Christ the righteous who intercedes for us (1Jn 2:1; Heb 7:25)
37 Father, who loves us if we love Jesus (Jn 14:21)
38 Father, whose Will we do makes us true brothers and sisters of Jesus (Mt 12:50
39 Father, who have hidden things from the wise and intelligent but have revealed them to little children (Mt 11:25)
40 Father, whose good pleasure have given us , the frightened little flock, the Kingdom(Lk 12:32)
41 Father, in whose name we are baptised (Mt 28:19)
42 Father, in whom the Church subsists (1The 1:1; 2The 1:1)
43 Father, who have given us the true heavenly Bread (Jn 6:32)
44 Father, who protect us in Your name so that we may be one (Jn 17:11)
45 Father, who see the prodigal son afar off and run to embrace him (Lk 15:20)
46 Father, who forgive our every sin through the Blood of Jesus (Eph 1:7; Col 1:14)
47 Father, in whose Peace we are called (1Cor 14:33; 7:15)
48 Father, who have called us to freedom (Gal 5:13)
49 Father, in whose hands we commit our spirit (Lk 23;46)
50 Father, to whom we pray in the name of Jesus with the certitude that we will be heard (Jn 14:13; 15:16)
51 Father, whom Christ in His 2nd coming will hand over the Kingdom, so that You may be all in all (1Cor 15:24.28)
52 Father, whose Love is with all, together with the grace of Jesus and the communion of the Spirit (2Cor 13:13)
53 Father, to whom we have access through the Son in the Spirit (Eph 2:18)
54 Father, who in the name of Jesus have sent us the Paraclete (Jn 14:26; 15:16)
55 Father, who gave us not a spirit of fear but a spirit of adoption to be Your true sons and daughters (Rom 8:15; 1Jn 3:1)
56 Father, who gives the Holy Spirit to whoever asks You (Lk 11:13)
57. Father, to whom we cry through the Holy Spirit that has been given to us:
Our Father
Who art in Heaven
hollowed be thy name
thy kingdom come
thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread
and forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those who trespass against us
and lead us not into temptation
but deliver us from evil.
(Gal 4:6; Rom 5: 5)

taken from "Parole di Vita. Periodico dell'Associazione Biblica Italiana", Maggio-Giugno 1964, 238-240.

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