The Jordan Valley

5. Amathus - (Tel al-Hamma ?)

The inscription is composed of few letters, only partially preserved, but the reading is almost certain. The place is not treated in old descriptions of the Map since it was discovered only in 1965, during the German restoration of the mosaic.
See also the article: "
The Uniqueness of the Madaba Map and its Restoration in 1965" (by H. Donner).

Herbert Donner (The Mosaic Map of Madaba, Kampen 1992, 37)
Ammathus. A place of problematic identity; perhaps Tall al-Hamma south-west of Besan?

Tabula Imperii Romani. Iudaea - Palaestina (Jerusalem 1994, 242)
Byzantine ruins on a tell of the Bronze and Iron Ages, ancient Hamath.

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