Mount Ephraim and Benjamin

49. Sams - ('Ayn Haud)

Michael Avi-Yonah (The Madaba Mosaic Map, Jerusalem 1954, 48)
Stevenson has proposed to complete this name as Sara (AV: Zemaraim) in the boundary of Benjamin (LXX Joshua XVIII,22 ­ On.158,5 Semreim without an identification) and to place it at Kh. Samra. Lagrange, Rev. bibl.1897, P.172 proposed the monastery of St. Sabas, but this is quite unlikely, as none of the great monasteries of the fifth century appears on the map. A possible identification seems to be with Sams (On. 158,4) identified with the En shemesh of Joshua XVIII,17, now 'Ein Haud on the Jericho road. The version same[s] occurs in LXX A.

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