Ascalon, Gaza, Negev and Sinai

110. Photis - (Kh. Futeis)

Village marked on the Madaba Map between Orda and Elusa on the Gaza-Elusa road. It has been identified both with the Aphtha of Josephus (Jos., Wars, 4, 155) and with the Aphta of Johannes Rufus (Plerophoria, 48; in Patrologia orientalis, vol. 8, p. 100), the more likely identification. The ancient site of Photis has been established at Khirbat Futays, east of Gaza; in the nearby Wadi Futays are remains of Byzantine silos. The moshav Pattish was founded on the site in 1950.

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Herbert Donner (The Mosaic Map of Madaba, Kampen 1992, 72)
The village is identical with Hirbat Futeis about 7 km southwest of Tall ash-Shari'a.

For more sources and bibliography see:
Tabula Imperii Romani. Iudaea - Palaestina (Jerusalem 1994) s.v. "Photis", 203.

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