The Sinai Desert and Egypt

143. Tanis - (Tell al-Hajar)

Tanis. The city is identical with San al-Hagar. The small representation shows an irregular wall with two very high towers, apparently without any churches. A third lower tower is seen on the left, as are two gates leading into the city. The picture looks like one of those medieval cities in Italy, whose inhabitants dwelt in high towers, e.g. Florence, Siena, or San Gimignano. Tanis was a bishop's see since the 4th century at the latest, and a focus for many Biblical traditions concerning Egypt, although none are indicated on the Madaba map. Or could the rhombus between Tanis and Thennesos be the 'field of Zoan' ( = Tanis) mentioned in Ps. 78:12?

Herbert Donner, The Mosaic Map of Madaba, Kampen 1992, p. 84.

See also the article: "The Representation of Lower Egypt", by Herbert Donner

A. Calderini, Dizionario dei nomi geografici e topografici dell'Egitto Greco-Romano, Cairo-Madrid-Milano 1935-1987, s.v. "Tanis", 353-354.

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