The Sinai Desert and Egypt

144. Thmuis - (Tell Ibn es-Salam / Tell Tmai el-Amdid)

Thmuis, very similar to Tanis, is identical with Tall Timay al-Amid. It is often mentioned in Byzantine and later sources. It was a bishop's see since the first half of the 3rd century and the place where St. Phileas was martyred in 306. We note two towerlike buildings with red roofs, and two gate entrances.

Herbert Donner, The Mosaic Map of Madaba, Kampen 1992, p. 84.

See also the article: "The Representation of Lower Egypt", by Herbert Donner

A. Calderini, Dizionario dei nomi geografici e topografici dell'Egitto Greco-Romano, Cairo-Madrid-Milano 1935-1987, s.v. "Thmouis", 288-289.

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