The Sinai Desert and Egypt

149. Xois

The city of Xois, a bishop's see since the 4th century, was situated near modern Saha in the district of Kafr ash-Sheh, about 24 km southeast of Tall al-Faraun (= the ancient Buto). It is displaced on the Madaba map (see above: on the Saitic arm). The simple representation shows three towers and one gate.

Herbert Donner, The Mosaic Map of Madaba, Kampen 1992, p. 84.

See also the article: "The Representation of Lower Egypt", by Herbert Donner

A. Calderini, Dizionario dei nomi geografici e topografici dell'Egitto Greco-Romano, Cairo-Madrid-Milano 1935-1987, s.v. "Xois", 376.

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