Places of Section 1

Phoenicia and Galilee

1. Sarephtha the Long Village where
a child was resuscitated that day -

This fragment was found in a private house at Madaba. It was interpreted as belonging to the Madaba map. However, now has totally disappeared.

The 'Zarephath Sidon' of Scripture is in Phoenice, or Syria Secunda, near Mount Carmel. Zarephath is twelve miles away from Sidon, and was called 'Zarephath Sidon' because at that time Sidon was the capital city over Zarephath, though today Zarephath itself is a capital. Where Saint Elijah was sent to the widow who gave him food, and he healed her son, is the Church of Saint Elijah, since no name is mentioned for the woman, apart from her being 'the widow'. (Theodosius, De situ Terrae Sanctae, 23)
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Photo: Crusader harbour in the ancient Phoenician town of Sidon.

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