Places of Section 2

The Jordan Valley

6. Aenon near Salem which is also Saloumias - (Kh. Khisas al-Dayr)

The bluish-greenish row of cubes above the name Aenon seem to illustrate a pool mentioned by Egeria.

Aenon (John 3:23) "near Salem", where John used to baptize, as is written in the Gospel according to John, and the site is shown until this very day, at the eighth milestone from Scythopolis towards the south, near Salim and the Jordan. (Eusebius, Onomasticon 40:1)

Salem (Gen 14:18), city of Sikima, that is, Shechem, as the Scripture says. But another town of this name is shown until this very day near Jerusalem to the west. Besides, a village in the (Jordan) valley, at the eighth milestone from Scythopolis, is called Salumias. (Jerome 153:4-7)

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Photo: The middle course of the Jordan River in the proximity of Salem.

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