Places of Section 2

The Jordan Valley

13. Ebal - (Mount Ebal)

Ebal and Gerizim on the edge of the Jordan valley are represented by a montaneous outline containing their names, whereas the Tur Gobel and Tur Garizin which represent their true locations, are just names, placed east and west (instead of north and south) of the Plain of Shechem.

Gebal (Deut 11:29), a mountain in the Promised Land, where an altar was built at Moses' command. And there are two mountains near Jericho, standing close and facing one another, one of which is called Gerizim and the other Gebal. However, the Samaritans believe these two mountains to be near Neapolis, but they are grossly mistaken, for the mountains they indicate are very far the one from the other, and the voice of anyone blessing or cursing from one of them, as the Scripture says, cannot be heard from the other. (Eusebius, Onomasticon 64:9-15; Jerome 65:9-15)

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Photo: It is presently unknown which elevation in the proximity of Jericho might represent the Byzantine Gebal.

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