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Peraea and Dead Sea

18. Bethabara, the place of baptism of St. John - (Makhadat al-Hajla)

The site is identified by an inscription in four lines. The three lines following the name are in red cubs.

Bethabara (John 1:28) "beyond the Jordan, where John was baptizing" for repentance, and the place is known and to this day many of the brothers, that is, of the believers, who desire to be reborn receive the baptism in that life-giving stream. (Eusebius, Onomasticon 58:18-20; Jerome 59:19-21)

At the place where the Lord was baptized is a marble column, and on top of it has been set an iron cross. There also is the Church of Saint John Baptist, which was erected by Emperor Anastasius. It stands on great vaults which are high enough for the times when the Jordan is in flood. The monks who reside at this church each receive six gold coins a year from the Treasury for their livelihood. (Theodosius, De situ Terrae Sanctae, 20)

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Photo: The Greek-Orthodox monastery of St. John near the Jordan river (Qasr al-Yahud).

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