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Peraea and Dead Sea

20. (Hot Baths) of Baaru - (Hammamat Ma'in)

The iscription runs across a stream, flowing down from the mountains to the sea.

In that valley which encompasses the city (of Machaerus) on the north side, there is a certain place called Baaras, which produces a root of the same name with itself. (Josephus, War, VII:180-181)

Baalmaon (Num 32:38), beyond the Jordan, which the the sons of Reuben built. And to this day there is a large village by the name of Beelmaus near Baaru in Arabia, where the ground spontaneaously sends forth hot waters, at a distance of nine miles from Heshbon. And the prophet Elisha was from this place. (Eusebius, Onomasticon 44:21-46:2; Jerome 45:25-47:2)

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Photo: The hot springs of Hammamat Ma'in.

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