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Moab and Edom

29. Charach Moba - (al-Karak)

The city is shown as a walled fortress. In the south, we see a gate flanked by two towers, and nearby, east of it, a church with a red roof. Two colonnaded streets run from south to north, the central one leading to a big church, probably the cathedral.

The Moabites take origin from Lot. Their metropolis is called now Charachmoba. (Theodoretus, In Isaiam 15,1)

Province of Palaestina Tertia, 10 cities under a praeses: Petra, Augustopolis, Arindela, Charachmuba, Areo-polis, Zoara, Mampsis, Bitarous, Elusa, Salton. (Hierocles, Synecdemos, 721:1-11)

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