Places of Section 5

Mount Ephraim and Benjamin

34. Selo, where the ark stayed - (Kh. Saylun)

There are two lines of a complete white inscription, difficult to make out because the surface is burnt.

Shiloh (Jos 16:6) in the tribe of Ephraim. Here the ark of the testimony and the tabernacle of the Lord stayed at the beginning and until the days of Samuel. It is at the tenth milestone from Neapolis in the district of Acrabattene. But we read in the Scripture that one of the sons of Judah the patriarch was also called Shelah.(Eusebius, Onomasticon 156,28-31; Jerome 157:28-31)

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Photo: A Moslem shrine (weli) at Kh. Saylun (ancient Shiloh).

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