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Mount Ephraim and Benjamin

50. Aialon, where the moon stood still for a whole day
at the bidding of Joshua the son of Nun -
(Kh. Haiyan ?)

The three lines of white inscription, damaged in the middle, represent the village of Aialon. On the left side we make out a vignette of "a door between two towers" type.

Aialon (Jos 10:12), a valley and gorge over which the moon stood still once upon a time in answer to Joshua's prayer, near the village now called Aialon 'Ailon', east of Bethel at a distance of three miles, not far from Gaba and Rama, cities of Saul. However, the Jews maintain that Aialon is a village near Nicopolis (Emmaus), at the second milestone on the road to Jerusalem. (Eusebius, Onomasticon 18:13-16; Jerome 19:13-17)

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Photo: Wadi Suweinit might well represent the Valley of Aialon (Ailamon) of to the Madaba Map.

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