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Mount Ephraim and Benjamin

62. Bethoron - (Bayt Ur)

A single vignette beneath the white inscription represents the two villages of Bethoron.

Beth-horon (Jos 10:10) where Joshua chased the kings (of the Amorites). It fell into the lot of the sons of Joseph, that is, of Ephraim. And there are two villages at about the 12th milestone from Jerusalem on the way to Nicopolis (Emmaus), one of which because of its location is called Upper Beth-horon, and it was built by Solomon, and the other Lower Beth-horon, a settlement set apart for the Levites. (Eusebius, Onomasticon 46:21-25; Jerome 47:18-22)

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Photo: Aerial view of Upper Bethoron (Bayt Ur al-Fauqa).

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