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Mountain of Judah and Shephelah

73. Rama. A voice was heard in Rama

The place of Rama is shown by three lines of white inscription beside a vignette of "a door between two towers" type.

Ramale [Ramade] (Zech 14:10 LXX), which Aquilas translates "will be exalted", in the book of Zechariah. But there is also [Rama] in the tribe of Benjamin near Bethlehem, another place of which it is written: A voice was heard in Rama" (Jer 31:15). This is discussed in full in my book 'Hebraicae questiones'. (Eusebius, Onomasticon 146:28-148:2; Jerome 147:27-149:3)

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Photo: Present and previous (top left) settings of Rahel Tomb, near Bethlehem.

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