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Mountain of Judah and Shephelah


76. Bethzur - (Kh. Tubayqa near Kh. Burj al-Sur)

The representation of Bethzur is very small. We can make out three towers. The central one has a door and two curtains.

Beth-zur (Jos 15:58), in the tribe of Judah or Benjamin. And today there is a village called Bethsoro at the 20th milestone from Jerusalem on the way to Hebron, where is a spring, welling out from the foot of the mountain, and being absorbed by the same ground in which it comes forth; and the Acts of the Apostles report that the eunuch of Queen Candace was baptized here by Philip. There is also another Beth-zur, in the tribe of Judah, one mile from Eleutheropolis (Bayt Jibrin). (Eusebius, Onomasticon 52:1-5; Jerome 53:1-6)

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Photo: The walls of the Hellenistic fortress at Kh. Tubayqa.

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