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Mountain of Judah and Shephelah

84. Eleutheropolis - (Bayt Jibrin)

Only four black cubes remain of the epsilon of the inscription. The representation is fragmentary preserved. A walled city, three towers, a curving street with a colonnade in the central part. An important basilica. In the centre a building with a yellowish-white dome on four columns.

From there we struck on a side road and came to the city called Eleutheropolis, which is where Samson killed a thousand men with the jawbone of an ass, from which a spring came forth which to this day provides water for the whole area, for we also visited the place where it rises. (Anonymus Placentinus 32)

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Photo: Recent excavations conducted at Beit Jibrin, ancient Eleutheropolis, brought to light a Roman amphitheatre.

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