Places of Section 7

The Sea-coast

94. Jabneel, which is also Jamnia - (Yabneh)

The representation shows an unwalled city with three ecclesiastical building (red roofs). The central one, with steps leading to the front entrance, is probably the m churche of St. Stephanus and St. Thomas built by the empress Eudocia.

Iamnia [Iamnel] (Jos 15:11 LXX), in the tribe of Judah, and to this day there is a townlet of Palestine called Jamnia between Diospolis and Azotus. (Eusebius, Onomasticon 106:20-21; Jerome 106:20-21)

Map Section 7 Ancient Sources Discussion

Photo: Like other coastal towns Yabneh had two main historical centres, one near the sea and one on the inside.

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