Places of Section 7

The Sea-coast

95. Accaron, which is now Accara - (Tel Miqne - Tel el-Muqanna')

Four towers, two of them with doors. In between two segments of wall.

Accaron (Jos 13:3), in the tribe of Dan, or as I believe, in the tribe of Judah, 'on the left of the Canaanites', a city of the five satrapies of the Philistines, which was allotted to the tribe of Judah, but (the tribe) never took possession of it, for it was unable to drive away the old inhabitants. And to this day there is a large village inhabited by Jews, between Azotus and Jamnia to the east. Some people believe that Accaron was the name of the Tower of Straton, later called Caesarea. (Eusebius, Onomasticon 22:6-10; Jerome 23:6-12)

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Photo: Excavations at Tel el-Muqanna' helped to definitely identify it with Philistine Ekron.

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